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Just because your candidate didn’t win you’re going to make fun of Davao or take delight on the president’s suffering, or mock whatever he does. Some said they use their brain to decide who they will choose and who’s more deserving, so why don’t you all use your brain now. Does it explode?

Movie Review: Hating Kapatid

I. TITLE: Hating Kapatid

II. SCRIPTWRITER: Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario

III. DIRECTOR: Wenn V. Deramas

He worked as a writer for the show Teysing Tahanan and was promoted as the executive producer of Calvento Files. Since then Wenn Deramas has been directing different soap operas and movies.


Rica (Judy Ann  Santos) and Cecil (Sarah Geronimo) are sisters whose parents are OFW in Libya. They are left in the care of their grandmother, Gerty (Gina Pareno) as they help her to tend their family fireworks business in Bocaue, Bulacan. Rica, being the oldest daughter, takes care of her sister and does it seriously. There was a time when an accident occurred, making her little sister earn mild injuries. At that moment, she comes to the point of breaking her relationship with her boyfriend to give more attention to Cecil.

Ten years had passed, the family moves to Manila and afterwards their parents (Cherry Pie Picache and TontonGuiterrez) return. However, Rica welcomes them bitterly as they have been away for twenty years.

Rica, as the protective and supportive sister she is, helps her sister to find a job. Cecil found a job as a sales clerk in a video store, where then she meets Edzel (Luis Manzano), insurance sales agent.

At first, they thought that Edzel has swindled them, but when the real people who stole their things were caught, Cecil apologized to him. Since then, they become close to each other. When Rica found about their growing relationship, she tried to keep them apart. On the other hand, Cecil wants to make her sister happy as well. Both her lola and she went to look for her older sister’s ex-boyfriend, Bong (JC De Vera). They found out that he is staying in Manila as well to organize his papers as a seaman. The plan turns out smoothly at first, however, as the time past, Rica feels betrayed by her sister and somehow she feels that she is not needed anymore, noting that her sister is rather closer to her parents and not to her any longer. They have an argument and Rica left the house to stay in their house in Bocaue, Bulacan instead.

While staying there, Rica realizes her mistake, and her selfishness. When Cecil visits her again, she accepts her and reconcile with her, explaining that she become selfish and she did not think about her sister’s feeling.

Their life turn out well, Bong propose to Rica and accepted it. Her family and she reconcile once again. Bong and Rica got married and have two children. Later Edzel and Cecil got married too.


The direction is properly organized and the meaning it wants to convey is clearly indicated in the story. The actors portrayed their respective characters as stated in their roles, how their facial expression contorted to glee, dismay and even sullenness are visible. The dialogues are expressed clearly and with emphasis in those important lines.


The story seems like a real life scenario, especially for Filipinos, since most of the overseas Filipino workers are experiencing some problems regarding their relationship with their family, in particular, their children. In the movie, it stated how the protagonist feels abandoned, even though they can get the things they want but the thing she really want is the attention of her parents. In addition, because, their parents are away, she is responsible of taking care of her little sibling. And when her parents return, the first thing she will feel is that she is not needed anymore, since she is only a temporary parent of her younger sibling.


  • Judy Ann Santos– plays the role of Rica, the overprotective older sister of Cecil. Judy Ann portrayed her role well. Her feature and impression are fit in her role as a protective sister.
  • Sarah Geronimo– plays the role of Cecil, Rica’s younger sister, a bubbly and cheerful woman who loves and cares for her sister. Sarah, known as a cheerful actor, fits the role of the younger sister. She is also an actor who is line as one of those young actors in the entertainment business.
  • Luis Manzano– plays the role of Edzel, an insurance sales agent, who has weird part-time job. Luis portray his role naturally. Being a good actor, he can be comic in front of the camera and at the same time taking it seriously.
  • JC De Vera– plays the role of Bong, Rica’s ex-boyfriend. In the story, Bong looks serious but comical as well. JC has played roles in both serious and comical, thus he manage to portray the role well.
  • Vice Ganda– Beauty in the movie. As a well-knowncomedian, Vice Ganda makes the movie more humorous with her antics and lines.
  • Gina Perano– Lola Gerty in the movie. Lola Gerty is the lively grandmother of Rica and Cecil. Ms. Gina Perano, has portrayed same roles from before, thus it become a usual thing for the viewer. And as well, if she is not the mother, she would be the grandmother.
  • Cherry Pie Picache– she is the mother of Rica and Cecil. Cherry Pie is been known as a comedian and her roles are oftendense in every comedy film.
  • Tonton Gutierrez– father of Rica and Cecil.


The sound effects that the movie used are those natural sounds that can be heard in the surrounding. Like the beep of cars, people talking and other usual sound in a public place. However, there are those sound that they uses whenever there is a moment for the artist. Like in the part where Cecil and Edzel are getting close to each other, the music that was playing is a love song, which is fitted with the situation, and when the situation is somewhat gloomy, a sullen song can be heard in the background. Even when there is a humorous happening, the sounds that they are using are comical.


The change that they are expecting will never come since whoever is elected Filipinos would always dislike them. Filipino will judge them before they able to prove their worth. People are being voted to be an excuse, someone to point a finger at when things get out of hand. Filipino didn’t vote for them for their ability, they are being voted for us to have someone to blame at if we fail with our lives. Someone to vent and pour frustration, which, apparently, we made ourselves. Whatever failures and regrets we have, they are going to be the bucket who will catch all the faults.

What Kind of Change

Filipinos keep on saying ‘gusto ko ng pagbabago’
Have you all ever tried to stop, reflect and contemplate that you don’t need to depend on any President to change whatever you want to change. So, did you think by voting this and that your life will magically transform  for the better. Whoever is elected, how much good his or her skills is, if the people around him or her didn’t try to change it’s useless. Don’t depend on your president, don’t expect on what they can do. Try to fughing discipline yourself. They said there are a lot of poor people in the Philippines. Sometimes I think and ask is this for real? Everyday, on my way to work, I came across with people holding their new phones, smartphones to be exact. Funny that there are barely who still have these old phones with them, the rest are a bundle of touchscreens. Is this what you call poor? I came across some who have time to have their hair fixed, rebonded, dyed, and styled, and yet, when they got home they didn’t have anything to eat. They can buy this and that, spend so much on petty wants and disregards their needs.
The problem about people is their unlimited wants and ignorance of the needs. Thirst for power and acknowledgement. The urge to flaunt, the desire to surpass others.
Did you think a president can answer a personal dilemma.
One president says ‘iaahon ko kayo sa hirap’ but will that actually help?
Let us say the country’s economy did improve, but if the people still have the same thinking, the same routine, it will never last long.
If we want change, why don’t we start it from ourselves. Instead of trying to grade and measure what a president did or will do for the country, why don’t we start focussing on ourselves and how we can improve it for the better. Why don’t we open our eyes, and  weigh things out before making any decision.
Why don’t we stop depending or blaming others and for once  take the responsibility and do it on our own.
Why don’t we just do something instead of waiting.


Before one corrects and makes fun of someone’s English grammar, ask yourself, can you even speak Filipino without mistakes?
No, most Filipinos cannot even compose a decent one, the heck, can’t even spell correctly. But, you know what? We can still understand what these people are trying to say. The thing is, you don’t honestly need to be a stickler or a nazi when it comes to grammar when you are conversing. I don’t get why Filipinos think that committing English grammar mistakes is a big deal when  they can’t even correct their (our) own language. It’s a simple conversation, a chat, a tete-a-tete. As long as it’s understandable, you’re good. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Because, let’s face it, it’s not really that a big deal. You won’t get rich simply because you have a stupendous vocabulary, or your grammar is astounding.
Look around you, There are foreigners who could barely articulate a concrete English but look, he or she probably owns half of the country. Speaking in English doesn’t measure one’s intelligence nor one’s capabilities. You cannot speak with the same fluency as the others? So what? It does not make you stupid or less capable. It does not reduce you as a person.
I’m not saying we should neglect it, nonetheless, there’s a difference between a casual conversation and formal essay (an English project, perhaps, where your life depends on it). A mere chat and a presidential debate. A random confession to a SONA.


-Binibining LVSol

You Know

You know, you should know that not all the time people will baby you. Not all the time people need to understand you or accept your excuses. You know, you should not let yourself get used with only taking, try to give next time. Give effort on understanding others.

You keep on complaining no one understands you, but ask yourself, did you stop for a while and understand them for once? You think to yourself no one cares, but did you care? Have you contemplated for once that perhaps they have to do something now that they cant tend to your needs, that it’s not only you they have to give their time  with. There you are judging their action, putting in your mind they are selfish and bad for leaving you behind. But ask yourself, who is really selfish?  Have you ever argue with yourself, and reason out that perhaps, there is a sound reason for them leaving, and not drive to conclusion that they did it to make you feel bad.

The world doesn’t revolve only for one person. The world doesn’t just use their time pleasing a single human.
Look around you, you honestly receive more than what you expect. It is simply a matter of appreciation. Appreciate every little things someone do for you, because, even if it’s just a mere moment, at least he or she remembers you.

They could have done different things but no, they chose you.

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